Nuestro tiempo de respuesta es el más alto en Cuba.

Proveemos instructores personales.

Nuestra locación favorece el aprendizaje.

Nuestras ofertas son variadas y pueden ajustarse al cliente.

15% de nuestros ingresos financian nuestro proyecto comunitario.

Salsa Lessons

Our school offers great options when it comes to salsa lessons and holidays.

  • We teach couples, groups and individuals of all ages.
  • Lessons go from one to two hours and you can book as many as you want.
  • You can start from scratch or perfect your salsa skills and style with our instructors.

At Salsa Express we focus on learning. Our lessons and courses are personalized, it allows us to work better in identifying your needs. We start where you are and build from there to improve your skills and style. We provide personal instructors for each student and if you like you can have our instructors dance with you at the most popular salsa clubs in town.

In our lessons, you will connect with this other side of you that side we all like in ourselves but tends to be a bit elusive: the confident, the sassy, the brave.

Liveliness, professionalism and commitment to learning are some of the aspects that make us different in Cuba.

Besides salsa our school teaches other tropical rhythms like Rumba, Son and Bachata.



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