Nuestro tiempo de respuesta es el más alto en Cuba.

Proveemos instructores personales.

Nuestra locación favorece el aprendizaje.

Nuestras ofertas son variadas y pueden ajustarse al cliente.

15% de nuestros ingresos financian nuestro proyecto comunitario.

Other Services

With us you might just find everything you need! Trying to meet our clients’ needs Salsa Express also offers...


One of the best ways to gain genuine insight into our country is to opt for a homestay. Offering something a night in a hotel can never provide, they help you experience Cuba more intimately yet safely. The hosts make you feel at home and become the best source of information about the place and it`s culture.  Our team can arrange your stay in Havana; privacy, safety, comfort and family care are part of the deal. You can save half the money if you book directly with us!

Welcome dinner

Begin your holiday with an authentic Cuban dinner! Our grannies are the chefs and they make simple, comfort food taste like heaven. Cuban "abuelitas" are the best cooks and you wil enjoy the familiar environment. Have a taste of cuban traditional food, it`s wholesome and delicious. It`s a great way to start!

 Price: 17 per person  


See more of Cuba! Let us take you to Viñales, whimsical landscape, awesome view of the valley, plus traditional food surrounded by freshness and shades of green. The cave of the Indian, horseback riding, see the tobacco making process, everything is possible!

Tour guide and transportation are included 

The duration of this excursion will be approximately 10 hrs.

From 3 - 4 participants: 48 cuc per pax.

From 5 -10 participants: 34 cuc per pax.

Other places we can take you to and provide the same services  are Varadero, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, It makes a lot of sense to hire someone you already know to take you to places that far. We are committed to make you feel welcomed and helping you get where you want to be is in line with it.

Prices will depend on itineraries, leave us a message and we will be back to you. We would love to recommend places you can dance salsa in any of these cities

Guided tours

Let us take you back in time, to Colonial Havana. You will be able to walk the steps of the founders, visit the hidden squares, and main historical sites. You will walk through our busiest street, have a daiquiri and a mojito just like Hemingway did!

Let our guides tell you the best kept secrets, the stories of love and bravery. Give us the opportunity not only to teach you how to dance but also to provide a better and closer look to our reality.

Duration: 2 hours

From 1 – 3 participants: 15.00 per pax.

From 3 - 5 participants: 9.00 per pax.

From 5 - 10 participants: 7.00 per pax.


Farewell dinner 

Once we danced,  we became closer, friends even! Every time with you was precious, you made us better and we hope to have taught you as much as you taught us. Cubans always say goodbye to their loved ones with meals, so we would love to offer a farewell dinner to wish you the best, to share the highlights of your trip and maybe dance a little salsa together for the last time (unless you are anxious to come back already!!!

Price: 17.00 per person.

Let us know your wishes and we will make them come true, some of them at least!