Nuestro tiempo de respuesta es el más alto en Cuba.

Proveemos instructores personales.

Nuestra locación favorece el aprendizaje.

Nuestras ofertas son variadas y pueden ajustarse al cliente.

15% de nuestros ingresos financian nuestro proyecto comunitario.

About Us.

Salsa Express Cuban dance school was created to give you the opportunity to learn salsa in the most professional yet familiar and personalized ways. Learning how to dance at Salsa Express thus provides a unique and meaningful connection to Cuba’s culture and people. 

Our team made of family and friends makes sure that happens, especially the instructors! They are charismatic, fun, creative and kind. They are known for their patience, communication skills, good methods and professionalism. Their expertise comes from different backgrounds: club dancing, art and dance schools. At Salsa Express they have found the perfect combination: getting paid for something they love!

Once there, you might meet sweet Eliza: great dancer and piña colada maker. She works as a bartender now but has served this dream since it was created. She is Damian and Manuel`s mum definitely, a source of motivation throughout these years.

Also part of the team: Manuel, the younger brother; founding instructor, transfer coordinator and new recruit`s coach.

Then Laysiu, Damian`s wife and now mother of two. She brings her multitasking brain and objectivity to the table, not much can be done without her sharpness. She manages the school like no one else! 

Today it`s a great family business but it started in a living room. Damian charged 2 cuc the hour and stayed in touch with his clients in a no- internet- Cuba. It was hard and challenging but his vision and perseverance paid off! The living room turned into the best salsa school of Havana. Lessons take place in an open rooftop that captivates travellers and Damian, the mastermind, keeps dreaming!